Terms and Policies

As an Argen customer, you agree to adhere to the terms, policies and warranties listed below.

Refining Policy

By refining with Argen, you can take your precious metal scrap and waste, and turn it in to cash. Our refining process ensures the maximum amount of precious metals is recovered.

Refining with Argen is easy; please use this guide to walk you through the process, answer your questions, and provide links to additional resources. For more help, you can contact us at 800-255-5524 to speak to a representative.

For detailed terms and conditions, please refer to Argen’s Refining Terms and Conditions, and Argen Standard Terms and Conditions. The most current versions may be found by visiting Argen’s website www.argen.com.

WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU – only 3 things

  • The Form
  • The Jar
  • Your Approval

Argen makes it easy by providing you with a kit containing your Form, Jar, and pre-paid shipping label and shipping bag, as well as instructions guiding you through the steps to refine with Argen (LABS can request a kit here: LAB - Request a Kit, Dentists and Dental Practices can request a kit here: DENTIST - Request a Kit) or call us at 800-255-5524 to request a kit.

About the Form:

  • We need the basics – business name, address of the business, phone and email to contact you with results.
  • We need a brief description of the contents (this is supremely helpful in the unlikely event a shipment is lost or damaged in transit), and lastly,
  • We must have an owner signature giving us permission to melt your material and ultimately pay you for the precious metal content.
  • The shipping label is PRE-PAID. Please note the tracking number on your copy of the return form.

*We can’t process with an admin signature, there must be an owner signature the 1st time you refine with us.

The Jar:

  • It’s best to hang on to your jar until it is about half full or more.
  • Be sure to seal it well, using the provided tape.
  • Take a photo of the jar contents for safekeeping!
  • The shipment is insured by Argen; your valuable material is protected.

Your Approval:

  • This is the last step – you give us your final approval after we refine your material and complete results.
  • You will be contacted by Argen, where we will present you with the results.
  • Our rep will inform you of the Precious Metal Content per our assay, and the total Settlement Amount.
  • If you are happy with the settlement, we settle to you via your chosen method within a maximum of 5 business days, but usually it happens the same day.


When you send in your material, we photograph it, weigh it, assign it a purchase order number, and link it to your individual account. We then send you an acknowledgement letter confirming receipt. This letter will also detail your account information, PO number, weights, a description of the material, and approximate settlement date by material type, and your Expected Completion Date. You can keep this and compare the weights we have recorded and match it back to your records.

We will melt your material and take 2 samples to ensure a uniform melt. The 2 samples are tested, and if there is more than .5% difference, we will re-melt the material and add a conductive element (copper) to get a homogenous mixture. We will report to you the Precious Metal Content and the Settlement Amount for the total of each of the 4 payable precious metals, Gold, Platinum, Palladium, and Silver; all within 14 business days. Once you approve, we will make payment via your chosen method.

The material may be separated by type for best processing and maximizing precious metal extraction.

There are some materials we cannot accept. Please be sure to not send:

  • Single Crowns (pint jar should be a minimum of ¼ full, we recommend ½ full)
  • Liquids
  • Dental Instrument/ Tools
  • Amalgam
  • Titanium Screws
  • Magnetic material

Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not happy with your results, you can request to have your materials returned to you; we are happy to do it at no charge. Keep in mind that the material has been melted, so it will be sent back in a bar. If you take your bar someplace else and get a lesser settlement, we always welcome you to send it back to Argen. Argen will send it through the Assay process anew, and contact you with the new Settlement Amount, on the new Settlement Date.

Answers to some common questions:

Do you have any bigger jars?
Yes! We have everything from the smallest pint to buckets to 55 gallon drums, and we can even accept refining or sweeps in your packaging – but please be sure to contact us for a shipping label so that we can track and insure your package.

What happens if I don’t use an Argen shipping label?
We can only provide insurance for your material when you use our account. If you prefer to use your own shipping account and the material is lost in transit, we can’t help.

What packaging do you recommend?
We encourage you to use our packaging, as it was specifically designed with the material containment in mind, as well as the needs of the carrier to transport it without damage.

In what form may I take my settlement?
We settle via the following methods: Check, ACH (free), Wire (for a 20.00 fee), credit to your Customer account (if you purchase from Argen), coin, or cash. For a cash settlement, the amount can be no more than $8,500.00 per cumulative, rolling 12 month period.

Can I combine settlement methods?
Yes! We are happy to settle in any combination of the above.

Why must I provide a credit card if I take settlement in coin?
You only have to provide a credit card if 1. You order coins in an amount more than your settlement, and 2. You don’t already have an approved Argen Customer account (with credit terms).

What are the Accountability Rates and any Fees for my refine?
You can find detailed information by logging in to your account on our website at www.argen.com/refining/rates, or you can call us at 800-255-5524.

What is the meaning of “Expected Completion Date” on the acknowledgement letter?
The Expected Completion Date is the day that we expect to settle your refine. You should hear from us on or about that date, after the comprehensive assay is complete.

Why can’t my office manager sign the form?
We must ensure that any material coming to us to be refined did so with your full knowledge and permission. After you have refined with us once and approved the 1st settlement, we can refine and make payment to the business name (or original payee) again without additional owner signature.

Why do I need to complete an authorization form to make the settlement check out to someone else?
As Argen deals in Commodities, it is subject to AML regulations (Anti Money Laundering). Part of these regulations require that we know the persons we are doing business with. To make payment to an unrelated party would have Argen conducting business with someone we don’t know. By signing off giving us permission, we are able to settle via your authorization on file.

Why can’t I send in the material under one company, and ask for payment to be made to a different company?
This again is related to the AML regulations Argen is subject to. We can use your signature authorization to pay another individual, but not another entity.

Can I get 2 checks made out to the same person for one settlement?
No - for 2 reasons. One is that our Accounting system will generate just 1 check no matter how many ways we separate a payable. Each one will print as description line of a single check for the combined total. Secondly, the IRS monitors transactions over $10,000.00. In the case of a large settlement, we could be subject to action by the IRS if we are believed to be disguising a large transaction as 2 or more smaller ones, etc.

Can I send in the material from my company, and send the settlement to another country?
No, all settlements must be made to the same country of origin as the metal.

Will I receive a 1099 for my settlement payment?
No, Argen does not produce 1099s for refining settlements. We do advise you to speak with your tax professional should you have additional tax related questions.