March 09, 2024

Argen Success Stories: Women In Dentistry

Argen Corporation

Beth Lundstrom’s journey in the dental lab industry began as a lab driver in Colorado, handling case deliveries for dentists. Intrigued by the lab, she swiftly transitioned to the model room, showcasing her lean management skills and improving processes. Beth’s skillset and dedication led her to manage the department, cutting model turnaround time in half. Shortly after, Beth ventured into CAD/CAM dentistry with the 3M Lava system. She mastered the entire process within a week, becoming the main operator. Beth’s passion for training emerged as she expanded the department through digital dentistry education. From managing a digital-based lab to overseeing Henry Shein’s design department, Beth now utilizes her expertise at Argen. Beth has been an invaluable member of Argen’s technical team for four years, where she conducts customer trainings, webinars, lectures, and road shows nationwide, while providing support on 3Shape and exocad systems. Beth’s journey reflects her commitment to advancing in the dental industry and contributing to technological advancements in the field.

Beth Lundstrom

Senior Technical Support Specialist, Trainer





Argen established the Women in Business Committee with the goal of providing support to women at Argen. This committee organizes monthly roundtable discussions led by Julie Woolf, Argen’s Chief Operating Officer, focusing on strategies for women to succeed in their careers. Argen is committed to the advancement of women in the dental industry.

Shining a spotlight on a few of the remarkable women at Argen:

Julie Woolf, Chief Operating Officer | Arisha Matani, Director of Sales Operations | Karen Huang, Customer Success Representative | Lori Enfield, Director of Marketing | Steaffani Dall, Regional Sales Manager | Rosie Anaya Lajonchere, Senior Customer Success Representative